Sunday, March 14, 2010

Motion Light Detector

We have succeed to finish our Motion Light Detector. Finally we have to use ultrasonic sensor instead of IR sensor since IR sensor circuit have some problem and failed to function.

our complete circuit

Ultrasonic sensor

battery as our power supply

if we put something in front of the sensor, LED will ON


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Project I:January Progress (Part 2)

This is our Team Calendar for January 2010

This is our team's Linear Responsibility Chart

Gantt Chart


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Project I:January Progress (Part1)

19th January 2010
Mechatronics Workshop

This week we were struggling to complete our circuit's components before we start to build it on veroboard. But we were discussed to do a comparison on sensor that we will use in our prototype later on. We either use IR sensor or ultrasonic sensor.

circuit using IR sensor

circuit using Ultrasonic sensor

InsyaAllah after done with comparison we will decide which sensor is suitable for our product.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Proposal Week

29th December 2009

E2 – 1 (SR 70)

Today is our project title presentation. The purpose of this presentation is to propose the title for our first project. Our group member consists of four namely:

  1. Nor Amalina bt. Mansor – 0436936
  2. Sri Hanna bt. Ajak – 0433770
  3. Anati Aqilah bt. Abd. Rahman - 0633800
  4. Che Wan Mohd. Hafiz b. Che Wan Khalid - 0536817

Our group has decided to choose SMART LIGHT DETECTOR as our first project. We came out with this idea since our university faced problem of increasing electricity cost. This problem due to wasting of electric energy comes from light from kulliyyah or mahallah. Sometimes students forgot to switch off the light in their room before they go out or they after the class finish. So, SMART LIGHT DETECTOR is one of the solutions for this matter.

Objectives for this project are:

  1. To save energy
  2. To save the hassle of searching for a light switch in the dark
  3. To alert the presence of an unwanted visitor

At the end of presentation, our lecturer Dr. Wahyudi Martono has approved our proposal. So, we are going to start doing some research and we will start with circuit task.